due to optimism for the upcoming saber season

In 2006, around that time buffalo saber There was a regular playoff competitive team, a Chicago Cubs documentary came out called Wait ‘Till Next Year’, The film chronicled the saga of the perennially losing Major League Baseball franchise. Each opening day in each season, the team’s long-suffering loyal fans dutifully drove out to Wrigley Field, told themselves “this could be the year” and were inevitably disappointed.

Eventually, though, the team turned things around. Cubs won a in the end world Series In 2016, that ended a 71-year National League pennant drought and a 108-year World Series drought, the longest in MLB history.

Of course, Saber never won a Stanley Cup, Buffalo has also suffered the longest playoff drought in NHL history. I’m not saying this is the year the franchise will finally end that streak. If I could predict the future accurately, I would be in another line of work. But there are signs of hope that perhaps 2022-23 will be different from the previous season. Here are some of them:

1) Sabers are building a strong depth

Saber has been in a rebuilding mode for what seems like an eternity. In recent years, the team’s front office has been making more smart move Unlike dumb decisions. The Eichel trade for Alex Touch and Peyton Krebs proved to be a better deal for Buffalo, something that many fans and pundits previously thought had benefited Vegas.

Drafting solid talent like Owen Power and finally getting the output from versatile players like Rasmus Dahlin, is starting to make an impact. Even deals that looked lopsided in favor of other teams, notably trading Ryan O’Reilly for St. Louis for Tage Thompson, didn’t seem so silly in sight.

2) A Buffalo Connection is impressing the hockey team

It is rare for any professional sports owner to own two franchises in one city. Terry and Kim Pegula Sabers and the buffalo bill, Critics hold that the power couple should not control western New York’s pro sports landscape. Despite this, both the teams experience a lot of crossover.

bill player go for Saber games and Saber players follow the bills. The association of the two major sports teams is not limited to boys in jerseys. Sabers general manager Kevin Adams also advanced Close ties with Bills GM Brandon Bean.

“Brandon and I have become good friends” Adams told David Di Cristofaro United States of America today Back in February. “We talked a lot. We bounce ideas off each other… That’s an incredible resource for someone who has achieved so much success in what they do in so many different ways and just keeps their mind Choose.”

Taking advice from a GM who helped end a 17-year playoff drought is bound to affect the way Adams makes decisions. Under Bean’s watch, the Bills walk past NFL laughs Super Bowl Contenders It’s only a matter of time before Saber changes its losing ways as well.

3) Saber players are excited to be back on the ice

For a long time, many Sabers players simply skated on the rink during the game, going through motions and directing plays to their opponents. Now the team is full of players who want to compete, want to win and play here. Recently, Alex Tchu gave an interview To buffalo news Reporter Lance Lisowski.

After talking about how his summer was, Touche explained what happened when he called fellow Sabers to Tage Thompson ahead. Touch pointed to good things that had happened for Thompson, most notably the birth of his son and Buffalo’s new $50 million contract. “But when I congratulated him, he was like, ‘I’m so excited to be back.’ And you could see the smile and excitement on his face. Everyone is excited to start.”

With that kind of attitude, unlike the muted sentiments of players last season, perhaps the people on the roster will turn that enthusiasm into victory. After all, it’s a lot easier to win when you want to play than when you don’t want to play.

4) New prospects are promising

Sabres’ new possibilities showed off his skills Most recently at the annual Prospect Challenge at the Harbor Center. Tyson Kozak, Matt Savoie, Linus Weisbach and Philippe Sedarqvist all did their stuff montreal canadians‘ Prospects on the ice. Over the course of several days and three games, the young Buffalo players beat Habbs’ emerging talent 17-10 and won all three contests, Jiri Kulich and Matt Lindgren were two other new talents who shone during the Challenge.

All of the players mentioned and others competing are potential future Buffalo Sabers. Not all of them will commit to Buffalo and some may not have guaranteed NHL careers. However, many of these people can only increase the depth and skill of the team in the long run.

The Buffalo Sabers have made some positive changes in recent years. From better trades and drafts, to better player morale, managers learning from other sporting successes and potential talent in the pipeline, there’s more to be expected this season than at some point in time. Nothing is guaranteed, but this may be the year fans can finally wait and they won’t love to forget it once April arrives.

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