Minnesota Wild Top 25 Under 25: Jack Pert Has Great Potential at No. 13

Welcome to this year’s Top 25 Under 25 series. In case you’re unfamiliar, we’re going player-by-player, ranking the top 25 Minnesota Wild Players under the age of 25. It’s quite simple. enjoy!

The moment Jack Pert was drafted in the second round of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, it became clear that he was the right choice. Not just because the player was going long past 54th overall in every draft preview, but the defenseman was destined to be a part of Wilde’s future.

At the time, he was reigning Herald Mr. Hockey from Grand Rapids, and was absolutely elated when he learned he had the chance to stay at home. Pert is already committed to St. Cloud State, so, I mean, why not keep him close and cross state lines to see one of your top defenseman prospects go?

While his being here is definitely a plus, Pert’s ability on the ice far exceeds the selection. He can control the play from the blue line, moves his legs fast enough that when he turns pro he pitches his skating as top tier, and shots good enough to be a threat on the power play. it happens. Just a complete package in his 5-foot-11 frame that fits so well into the modern game of hockey.


Pert’s aggressive production certainly won’t drop any jaws, but it’s been steady enough, with no steep declines as he climbed through the ranks that he can be considered the kind of person who can when needed. Could provide that spark from behind. Similar to Team USA teammate Brock Faber, Peart doesn’t have value on stat sheets or putting ridiculous numbers that fans can see. He is that modern, sly, two-pronged defender who is responsible in every field, even if he is less than 6 feet tall.

And yet, Pert still managed to score the fifth-highest point per game (0.53) among all NCAA defenders under the age of 19. There are certainly too many parameters to make his stats impressive, but the four names ahead of him – Luke Hughes, Ryan Ufko, Sean Behrens and Korsan Seulman – are all top defenseman prospects for their respective teams and top youth prospects. There are considered blueliners in college hockey. Peart is there among them.

roll up tape

Peart is a pleasure to watch. Like a waterbug slithering his way across the ice, the young blueliner can make aggressive plays pop with a quick start as he lifts up the ice with incredible vision. One area in which he excels is on the blue line in the offensive zone, with his agility to skate around defenders and a shot powerful enough to make it.

And sometimes, if given too much space, he pays the other team to do the same.

And it may be in a more stable position, getting the puck while standing completely still on the power play, but can see any opportunity to shoot quickly or make plays.


Wilde’s defenseman prospect pool is a bit messy. This may have been prejudicial and a recent disappointing performance, but both Ryan O’Rourke and Carson Lambos were seen as the leaders of this group. Now, it seems Pert has suddenly jumped in with Faber as a contender to lead the pack and is in serious contention for a full-time NHL role, when he no longer wants to play college hockey.

Of course, he’ll develop more and use his skill set to probably produce more numbers in his sophomore season at SCSU, but man, Pert bears the stench of a professional hockey player. In his first interview after being selected, he revealed that he ups his game like Jared Spurgeon, and that’s clear. If that’s what he’s trying to do, he could be one of the best.

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13. Jack Peart, D

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